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You have to train the cat to use the cat climbing frame as soon as it enters the house, and then often take it to play near the cat climbing frame. In this way, when it wants to sharpen its nails, the first thing it thinks of is no longer furniture. Cat owners can also put the cat climbing frame next to their bed, so that they will develop the good habit of going to the cat climbing frame to grind their nails together.

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Cat climbing tree




Sustainable, Stocked

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Qingdao, China

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sisal, plush, paper tube, E1 MDF, screws



Sisal rope



400g/m, 450g/m, 500g/m


Carb P2 MDF board



Sample time

2 days

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Item No.



customized, as customer's requirement







Shipping time

within 15 days after received the deposit

Payment term

T/T in advance and the balance after the B/L copy


OEM/ODM service


Sisal rope, plush, MDF board, screws

Sisal rope

3mm,4mm,5mm,5.6mm,8mm,10mm (customized)


380g/m, 400g/m, 450g/m, 500g/m, 600g/m

MDF board

Carb P2 / E1 MDF BOARD

Formaldehyde emission


product details



We can offer Carb P2 PB, E0 PB, E1 PB and other grade. Thickness: 1.2cm, 1.5cm, 1.8cm, 2cm, 2.5cm or as your requirement to produce it.



The weight of plush: 300g/m, 350g/m,400g/m,450g/m, 500g/m 600g/m or as your requirement to produce it .



We can offer you sisal carpet too. You can tell me which color your want to order. Our carpet is 100% imported.


Is the cat climbing frame practical

I believe that many owners have such doubts, no one wants to buy a big guy back, but in the end it is reduced to a decoration. In fact, many cats do not take the initiative to become interested in the cat climbing frame at the beginning, and many owners also think that the cat is not interested in it, and in the end they don't let it go, leaving the cat climbing frame idle. But in fact, the owner should give the correct guidance to let the cat become interested in the cat climbing frame.

First of all, the plates used in the cat climbing frame are all carefully selected top-quality plates, so there are generally no major problems in endurance and firmness. In addition, the plush it uses is made of high-quality plush and lamb fleece made of wool without any chemical stimulation. The wool is bright and smooth in color and full of elasticity, making it easy to clean up.

The column is wrapped with natural fine sisal white brown rope. The color of this rope is natural white. Since it is processed from wild agave, it comes with a unique agave. It is similar to the smell of cat grass, so many cats like to grind their paws on this twine-wrapped column, and at the same time it also improves the cat's behavior of destroying furniture.

For those cats who don’t play cat climbing frame, we can give some guidance. You can tie a plush toy on the cat climbing frame, and then shake the toy to lure the cat to catch. Or put food that attracts cats on the cat climbing frame and let them find it. In addition, the cat climbing frame allows cats to grind their claws and exercise. So try to place it in a relatively quiet place where it can be exposed to the sun, so that the cat will climb to the cat climbing frame to rest after exercise.

From a practical point of view, the cat climbing frame is a good item. Because it can not only allow cats to get a certain amount of exercise, but also as a tool for grinding claws and chewing. In addition, it can also be used by several cats to play and rest together. However, the cat is still indifferent after being guided, so it may take up more space after buying it back. However, the owner can choose a smaller cat climbing frame for the cat to play with.

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