Wrong disinfection method

Using chemical agents to spray human body disinfectant not only kill the virus, but also kill yourself.

The gas volatilized from the chlorine containing disinfectant solution is mainly chlorine, which reacts with the water in the mucosa to produce hydrochloric acid with strong acidity and hypochlorous acid with strong oxidation. When it acts on the eyes, it will burn the cornea and conjunctiva, causing tears, burning pain and other symptoms;


When it acts on the respiratory tract, it will produce bronchospasm, smooth muscle spasm, runny nose, cough and even dyspnea. Long term low concentration exposure to chlorine can cause chronic poisoning of respiratory and digestive systems, rhinitis, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, liver cirrhosis and other diseases.

We should be alert to the hazards of the event:

Chemical spray disinfection of human body, inhalation of disinfectant can cause lung injury, serious pulmonary fibrosis. If the disinfection is not done correctly, we may not have virus pneumonia. Instead, we may have organic pneumonia due to the damage of disinfectant to the lungs, and even life-threatening!

So the first thing to disinfect the truth is: please refuse to disinfect the human body with chemical disinfectant spray. Please refuse to build disinfection channel in the community! Please remember:

Disinfection channel is not suitable!

Can not disinfect the human body spray.


Disinfect with cannon

Killing COVID-19 is not applicable to all disinfection methods. We can’t use ox knives to kill chickens! We can’t disinfect indiscriminately! We can’t disinfect for disinfection, we can’t burn money for peace of mind, let alone sacrifice the environment for peace of mind!

one Environmental disinfection is a scientific work. The scope and mode of disinfection treatment should be determined according to epidemiological indications and / or etiological monitoring, pathogens discharged from infectious sources and the scope of possible pollution. Therefore, the disinfection of the external environment must be evaluated by professionals before it can be carried out.

two Chemical disinfectants shall not be used to disinfect the air (space) in the presence of people, and alcohols, quaternary ammonium salts, aldehydes and guanidine disinfectants shall not be used to disinfect the indoor air.

There is no need to carry out large-scale disinfection of the outdoor environment, such as large-scale spraying disinfectant (powder) disinfection of streets, communities, parks, squares, roads, external surfaces and wheels of running cars by using aircraft, UAVs, spraying vehicles, fog gun trucks and other equipment.

It is prohibited to use ultra low volume sprayers, hot fogging machines and other external environments for air disinfection.


Disinfectants (powder) should not be used directly to disinfect the personnel, such as setting up a spray disinfection channel for personnel to pass, or directly spraying the disinfectant on the staff.

Circulating air sterilizer should not be used for terminal disinfection.

It is not suitable to use glutaraldehyde to wipe the environment and spray disinfection.

High concentration chlorine containing disinfectant (effective chlorine concentration greater than 1000 mg / L) should not be used for preventive disinfection.

Post time: Jan-10-2022