Why do pet families need a pet dryer


As a senior excrement shoveling officer, I deeply feel that in the process of taking care of the pet treasure, the workload is the largest and most tiring, and what I have to do regularly is to bathe the pet treasure. And because it happened again some time ago, the pet owner took the cat to the pet store to take a bath. Because the cat overreacted, another cat died. On the eve of this new year, I would like to introduce to all pet owners an artifact for bathing pets, a pet dryer.


I believe all parents who have bathed their pets will feel the same as me. It only takes half an hour to bathe pet treasure, but it often takes more than an hour to dry and comb their hair. In fact, in the whole process of bathing their pets, drying is a hard work, not to mention pets, especially cats. Most of them do not cooperate with blowing their hair, And when blowing and combing, wool flocs fly all over the sky. Such an experience is like a nightmare. There are no sweat glands on the skin of pet cats and dogs, so it is very important to keep the skin dry. If it is kept wet for a long time, the hair quality is easy to be damaged, resulting in dry and fragile hair. In serious cases, it will also lead to hair follicle damage and sebaceous gland damage, thus damaging the complete protective barrier of the skin (the function of sebaceous gland is to secrete oil, nourish the skin and nourish the hair), After taking a bath, I didn’t blow dry in time. The warm skin surface, a lot of hair coverage, and wet hair. Isn’t this a natural medium for the growth and reproduction of bacteria and fungi? Hair follicle infection, skin redness will continue to appear, eventually leading to skin diseases. After washing and blowing, cleaning up the wool in the house is a big job for me. Now, my practice has proved that I strongly recommend this pet bathing artifact that liberates both hands and labor force: “pet dryer“. The dryer not only solves the problem of random flying of the above wool, but also solves the resistance and non cooperation caused by the cat’s fear of the noise of the air duct when blowing dry. This is a great blessing for bathing cats, because cats have more sensitive hearing and stronger response to sound than dogs. Blowing dry under the noise of the air duct is a kind of torture for cats. With a dryer, it is no longer difficult to dry the cat. From then on, the cat is handed over to strangers to take a bath in the pet store and wash the cat to death. In addition, for families with many pets, having a pet dryer saves a lot of time. After washing this one into the drying oven, you can wash another one at the other end. After washing this one, you can change it into the drying oven, and the other one can comb out. Or if the box is large enough, you can put two in and dry it together. Save the cost of taking a bath in a pet shop for a year, and you can buy a dryer. It’s really a super cost-effective thing.


For families with pets, a pet drying oven can definitely become our standard. If I have to say that it has any shortcomings, I can only think of one thing: it takes up a little space, and we should reserve a place for it. But if you consider this problem when decorating, it’s easy to do. It’s like reserving a space for the washing machine and the refrigerator. Reserve the position of the drying oven

Post time: Jan-18-2022