Use steps and precautions of pet dryer

So today I’d like to share with you the precautions for the use of “pet drying box


1、 Generally speaking, the use steps of pet drying oven are as follows:

1. Wash the cat or dog first

2. Prepare 2 dry towels and one towel to wipe the cat’s hair to 50-60% dry (no open water); Another dry towel for standby.

3. Set the temperature and time as required, generally 34-37 degrees, and no more than 30 degrees in summer.

4. In the middle, you can open the box 1-3 times to comb the cat’s hair, so as to eliminate the cat’s fear of entering a strange environment for the first time.

5. Finally, after the hair is basically dry, you can take out the cat. Then use another dry towel to dry the toes, belly and other gaps to prevent the cat from catching a cold.

2、 Precautions for use of pet dryer:

1. Old dogs and short nosed dogs should not eat pet drying oven.

Old dogs have poor physical ability and can’t adapt to the environment of drying oven;

Short nosed dogs such as bullfighting and Bago have short respiratory tract and need more water in the air, so they are not suitable for drying oven.

2. When cats and dogs use the oven for the first time, it’s best for the little owner to accompany them and be within the sight of the hairy child.

You can open the box several times, comb the hair of the hairy child and feed some favorite snacks.

This can greatly reduce the tension caused by the cat entering a strange environment for the first time.

3. Due to the 360 degree hot air circulation in the drying box, it is very comfortable. Many cats may choose to sleep on their stomach;

Therefore, some parts such as toes and abdomen may not be dried 100% due to shielding.

This requires the excrement shovel officer to dry these hidden parts with a dry towel after using the drying oven to prevent cats or dogs from catching a cold.


4. When cats or dogs use the oven, their bodies are short of water. You can let Mao children drink some water, replenish water, and become full of vitality in an instant.

5. If there are multiple cats at home, or when cats and dogs share the drying oven, remember to turn on the “ozone disinfection” function to prevent bacterial cross infection.


Post time: Jan-18-2022