Thoughts on scientific disinfection (3)

The new crown has been popular for two years

We’ve all been through too much

As a disinfection worker, we actively and deeply participate in our own work, constantly immerse ourselves in nature and accumulate, and carry out countless disinfection prevention and control tasks. Our theoretical knowledge has been improved a lot, and we have accumulated a lot of on-site experience. There are some regrets and thoughts. Today, you want to talk about scientific disinfection, Talk about your thoughts with you.


The epidemic prevention and control should not be sloppy. Everyone can realize the importance of disinfection, but still worry about what to do if the virus is not killed? An important reason for this is that “I have no bottom in my heart”. The disinfection evaluation of covid-19 is a scientific assessment of disinfection effect. The Ministry of health has put forward specific methods in 02 years. In February, the national health and Health Committee released the WS/T774 2021 “on-site disinfection evaluation criteria for the new crown pneumonia epidemic situation”, and gave detailed guidance and requirements for on-site disinfection evaluation. It was clearly stated that all on-site disinfection should be evaluated in the process: 2021.


Process evaluation is the evaluation of each link of on-site disinfection. It evaluates whether the on-site disinfection work is qualified by checking the key factors such as disinfection work plan, disinfection products and disinfection operation. This is a qualitative method, which is of great significance to promote the standardized implementation of disinfection work and needs to be completed under the supervision of professionals. Disinfection Jun believes that the disinfection of all epidemic foci needs process evaluation, disinfection records and proper preservation.


Disinfection effect evaluation refers to the evaluation of on-site disinfection effect. The quality of on-site disinfection is evaluated by testing the reduction of microorganisms before and after disinfection. It is a quantitative evaluation method based on experimental detection, which should be done when necessary.


Of course, there is also a very common situation. After terminal disinfection, the nucleic acid on the environmental surface is tested positive, and then it is eliminated again. After that, it is still positive, so it is disinfected again and circulates back and forth. COVID-19 nucleic acid detection is based on nucleic acid fragments. The method is very sensitive. Even if you have killed the virus, even if it is “broken into ten thousand pieces”, if its corpse is still there, the nucleic acid fragment still exists, and it can still be detected positive. The existence of nucleic acid can not indicate the virus’s survival or not. The nucleic acid test results can not be used for the evaluation of disinfection effect. It is specified in WS / t774 2021.


In short, disinfection is a very rigorous thing, there are standards to follow, and specifications can be consulted. Disinfectant Jun hopes that we can strictly implement the disinfection measures in strict accordance with the requirements of various relevant standards, specifications and plans, and should be sterilized in place, and do not arbitrarily expand subjectively. Let us not let go of a COVID-19, nor will we arbitrarily kill an “natural flora”. In the process of implementation, scientific evaluation is also carried out in time to reassure the people, themselves and decision-makers. We are really doing scientific disinfection, precise disinfection, less tears, less sweat, and better results at a lower cost.


Finally, I appeal to all disinfection colleagues, let’s work together to build a healthy and standardized disinfection industry!

Post time: Mar-21-2022