Scientific thinking on disinfection (2)

As a disinfection worker, we actively and deeply participate in our own work, constantly immerse ourselves in nature and accumulate, and carry out countless disinfection prevention and control tasks. Our theoretical knowledge has been improved a lot, and we have accumulated a lot of on-site experience. There are some regrets and thoughts. Today, you want to talk about scientific disinfection, Talk about your thoughts with you.


Let’s talk again today

Problems in disinfection


There was no parallel in history. In recent years, people’s awareness of health and health has been improving. However, common infectious diseases have not been eliminated. New infectious diseases are emerging. Infectious diseases such as SARS and H1N1 gradually push the demand for disinfection in society to a new height.


During the epidemic period, all walks of life in society comprehensively strengthened disinfection work. During the normalization period, all walks of life in the whole society stepped up at all levels and required preventive disinfection every day. Full time disinfection enterprises are extremely scarce. Various environmental protection companies, cleaning companies, security groups, property management companies and technology companies have flocked to the disinfection industry. There is an extreme shortage of professional disinfection technicians. Many personnel in other industries began to work part-time, and the disinfection industry entered a rapid and savage growth overnight.


Disinfection enters everyone’s sight again and again, affecting everyone’s nerves.


Epidemic disinfection refused blindly


Various disinfection measures for all main and secondary roads, parks, squares, large green belts, etc. in the city emerge one after another;


Various measures requiring continuous “terminal disinfection” of positive places / rooms and action tracks for a week are dizzying.


It is also common to use ultra-high concentration disinfectants for preventive disinfection.


There are also some “high standards” for the disinfection of residential buildings and corridors in sealed and controlled areas once every few hours, and many people who have been released from isolation have been at home for several days or even weeks. It is difficult to describe the “special circumstances” that require “final disinfection” in their homes……


In February 2020, the state clearly put forward the need for scientific and accurate disinfection to achieve “five requirements and seven noes”:


It is not suitable to carry out large-scale disinfection of the outdoor environment; High concentration chlorine containing disinfectant (effective chlorine concentration greater than 1000mg / L) should not be used for preventive disinfection, but you have seen it many times with a concentration of 10000mg / L.


Terminal disinfection is the thorough disinfection after the infectious source leaves; The prevention and control plan and other standards and specifications at all levels also have clear requirements for the use concentration of terminal and preventive disinfectants.


Excessive disinfection makes the staff physically and mentally exhausted and seriously pollutes the environment on which we live

How can we break the current dilemma?

Worth pondering…

Post time: Mar-12-2022