Is your disinfection method correct?

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is one of the important measures to prevent and cure the new crown pneumonia. To this end, the office of Shanghai Patriotic Health Campaign Committee, Shanghai Center for Disease Control and prevention and Shanghai Health Promotion Center reminded: when carrying out disinfection, please do “three needs, three noes and three precautions”.


Which “three wants”? First, windows should be opened for ventilation. For indoor places, if possible, windows should be opened for ventilation continuously. If not, windows should be opened for ventilation at least twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, for more than 30 minutes each time. Mechanical ventilation can be considered for buildings with poor ventilation. Second, wash hands frequently. Wash hands or disinfect hands in time according to the “seven step washing method” before touching their own mouth, nose and eyes, children, public parts and contaminated articles. Third, properly disinfect the surfaces of frequently contacted articles, such as door handles, escalators, elevator buttons, transfer carts, vehicles, etc. according to the contact conditions of personnel, carry out effective disinfection regularly and appropriately.

Which “three no”? According to the novel coronavirus pneumonia joint prevention and control mechanism requirements of the State Council, first, it is not directly disinfectant disinfectant, that is, not to set up pedestrian passageways at shopping malls, office buildings, residential areas, stations, government offices and other entrance, disinfect directly with disinfectant. Two, it is not necessary to disinfect the air with chemical disinfectants under the conditions of people. That is, the chemical disinfectant automatic spray and ultraviolet automatic irradiation devices or devices should not be used in the indoor places such as shopping malls, office buildings, subway stations, stations, terminal buildings, hospitals, etc. under the circumstances of personnel. Third, do not carry out large-scale disinfection of the outdoor environment, that is, do not spray disinfectants on a large scale on the outdoor environment such as roads, greening, blocks and communities.

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Finally, please keep in mind the “three notes”. First, pay attention to the use of legal disinfectants and instruments. Before purchasing disinfectants and disinfection instruments, you should query the product filing information, use the registered products and carry out disinfection according to the operation instructions of the registered products. Second, pay attention to match with the disinfection object. Low temperature disinfectant should be used for low-temperature cold chain disinfection, and physical factor disinfection methods should be used as far as possible to avoid pollution and damage to the environment. The third is to ensure the effectiveness of the preparation and use of chemical disinfectant, and pay attention to the time and effectiveness of personal disinfection.

Post time: Mar-24-2022