How to buy a cost-effective pet dryer, read this article is enough!

How to buy a cost-effective pet dryer, read this article is enough!


For excrement shoveling officials, there is a kind of helplessness called blowing hair to the “master”. Every time I take out the blower, “master” is scared to slip away! No matter how the shovel begged, it just refused to be blown by the hair dryer. The emergence of pet dryer can solve this problem!

Just put the pet after bathing into the dryer and set the temperature, wind and time. Ask such an artifact, which excrement shovel function does not move? So the question is, how can we choose a cost-effective pet dryer?

1、 Motor

Some pet dryers blindly pursue drying efficiency and speed, and the noise is particularly loud. Don’t say “master”, even people can’t stand it! The pet dryer with imported motor can not only mute, save energy and power, but also prolong the service life of the dryer to a certain extent.

2、 Bottom air outlet

Some pet dryers on the market have only three or four air outlets, which can hardly blow the belly of the “master”. It is not recommended to buy! The pet dryer with circulating air at the bottom can quickly volatilize the water on the “master” hair, and can also solve the problem that it is difficult to dry the pet’s abdomen and toes.

3、 Safe

If the pet dryer has not passed the national 3C certification, do not buy it! After all, it’s for the “master”. Safety must be done in place. Say the safe, safe, safe and important things three times! Excrement shoveling officials must not buy the three no pet dryer with poor quality in order to be cheap!

4、 Function

In addition to blowing hair for the “master”, the pet dryer has many functions!

1. Detachable filter screen: the hair produced by the master during drying will be collected in the filter screen. Just remove it and wash it

2. Negative ion bath: the negative ions released in the dryer make the “masters” feel like they are in a forest oxygen bar. At the same time, it also has the function of removing bacteria and improving hair quality.

3. Near infrared lamp: relieve fatigue, prevent aging and metabolism

Post time: Jan-18-2022