Correct disinfection posture of pet families in 2022

Principles of household disinfection for pets


1、 Cleaning is the main routine, supplemented by preventive disinfection

2、 Disinfection mainly focuses on environment and utensils disinfection, and pets mainly focus on cleaning

3、 Daily preventive disinfection should be the first choice, low efficiency disinfectant

4、 During the epidemic period of infectious diseases or with a history of contact, disinfection can be appropriately strengthened

5、 It is not suitable to spray and disinfect pets directly with disinfectant

6、 It is not suitable to carry out large-scale disinfection of indoor environment in the presence of pets

7、 If there are positive cases in the family during the new crown period, the indoor environment shall be fully disinfected according to the terminal disinfection process


1、 Household environment disinfection

Disinfection object

The surface of objects and air contacted by pets with high frequency, such as the ground, desktop, sofa, etc.

01 / surface disinfection

The ground, furniture and other objects are in close contact with the master of the family every day. We should focus on cleaning and wiping these places. If necessary, choose appropriate disinfectants to disinfect regularly. When the disinfection time is enough, we must remember to wipe with clean water to remove the residue of disinfectant!

02 / air disinfection

Mainly open windows for ventilation. If necessary, use mechanical ventilation equipment or ultraviolet lamp for disinfection.

P. S. when using the ultraviolet lamp, make sure that no one or pets are present~


2、 Disinfection of pet utensils

Disinfection object

Pet bowl, water dispenser, toy, litter basin, cushion, etc

01 / tableware

Boiling disinfection is preferred after cleaning. The boiling time should be at least 30 minutes. Disinfectants can also be used for soaking disinfection (such as soaking with 250 ~ 500mg / L effective chlorine disinfectant or 500 ~ 1000mg / L quaternary ammonium salt disinfectant for 30 minutes). After soaking, remember to wipe with clean water to remove the residue!

The filter element of the water dispenser can be replaced regularly according to the product instructions, and other removable parts can be removed and cleaned and disinfected

02 / toys and appliances

Toys, litter pots and other appliances can be disinfected by wiping or soaking. For litter pots with high pollution, especially in the season of high incidence of intestinal infectious diseases or when pets are infected with parasites, the frequency of replacing litter and disinfection can be increased. After thorough cleaning, use medium and high-efficiency disinfectants for immersion disinfection.

03 / fabric

Pet mats, pet clothes and other fabrics can be disinfected by boiling at high temperature, or cleaned with bacteriostatic detergent, and then fully exposed to the sun.


3、 Pet disinfection?

Any disinfectant, no matter high school or low efficiency, no matter the price, will more or less cause varying degrees of harm to pets.

Pets have an extremely sensitive sense of smell, as well as the smell of disinfectants. Chemical disinfectants will not only damage the smell and respiratory system of hairy children, but also damage their skin barrier, making them more susceptible to bacteria and viruses.


Do not directly disinfect the masters at home. All the so-called “non-toxic and harmless” propaganda, regardless of the concentration and dose, is playing hooligans!


Therefore, when it is unnecessary to use disinfectants, pet families should focus on cleaning and carry out preventive disinfection on a regular basis. During the epidemic, the disinfection frequency can be appropriately increased, and professionals are required to carry out comprehensive terminal disinfection when necessary.

Post time: Mar-10-2022