High-end 300ml nano disinfection spray gun

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The nano disinfection atomizing gun does not need manual pressurization, intelligent automatic spraying, and has nano level atomization output. The farthest spraying distance can reach 2.5m, and can carry out 360 degree high-efficiency disinfection without dead angle. Whether it is to disinfect the object surface or to kill the space, atomization is one of the most efficient ways. Especially for the daily killing with higher frequency, the atomization method has high efficiency, low cost and convenient operation.In the face of different environments, the disinfection process becomes simple and efficient. In the environment where there is still a risk of recurrence, a highly efficient and convenient spray sterilizer is essential for families, units and public places.

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Multiple liquid making functions: different high-efficiency disinfectants can be made by using the unique functions of the machine to meet different disinfection needs. Scope of application: suitable for medical and health, finance, tourism, government organs, restaurants, pharmacies, hotels, shopping malls, schools, kindergartens, hotels, supermarkets, nail salons, beauty shops, massage shops, bath centers, campuses and Internet cafes, food, drug and medical supplies manufacturers, families and office personnel.

 Low use cost: to manufacture 500ml (one catty) high-efficiency disinfection stock solution, only 6mg salt, 0.008 degrees of electricity and about 0 cents of cost can make a family clean and sterilize 360 degrees.

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After-sales service

Except for wearing parts, the whole host machine is guaranteed for one year, and the main components are guaranteed for one year, including: lithium batteries, chargers, water pumps. Vulnerable parts (medicine bottles, nozzles, etc.) are guaranteed for one month


1: Why can we choose you?

a: Reliable---We are a real company and we are committed to a win-win situation.

b: Professional---We are the most professional electrostatic sprayer manufacturer in China, and can provide the disinfection sprayer products you want.

2: Can you produce according to our design or stick our brand on the product you designed?

Yes, OEM and ODM are welcome.

3: How about the shipping cost?

If your goods are not big, we can send them to you by air, such as FEDEX, DHL, UPS. We have been working with them for a long time, so we have good prices. If your cargo is large, we will send it to you by sea, we can quote you, and then you can choose whether to use our freight forwarder or your freight forwarder.

4: How about the price? Can you make it cheaper?

The price depends on your requirements (shape, size, quantity). We will give you the best offer.

5: Are sample orders available?

Yes, we welcome sample orders to test and check the quality. Mixed samples are acceptable.

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