General-purpose electrostatic spray bar

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The E7 electrostatic spray pistol is a world-first high-tech product developed by the company with independent intellectual property rights, and is protected by a number of national patents (ZL 2015 2 1136117.9, 2020 2 2216810.4, ZL 2019 3 0661020.7). It is a revolutionary product of electrostatic sprayer technology!


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The electrostatic pistol combines lithium battery, high-voltage electrostatic generator, liquid direct contact charging electrode, human conductive ground electrode, power boost module, switch control circuit, work indicator and sprayer handle in one, with a dedicated spray rod, nozzle and nozzle , It can be easily matched and connected with most of the ordinary manual, electric and motorized sprayers in the world, so that the ordinary sprayer that consumes water, medicine, labor and money can be transformed into an electrostatic sprayer that saves water, medicine, labor and money, which can greatly Locally reduce the use of pesticides, reduce agricultural costs, improve control effects, protect the environment, reduce pesticide residues in agricultural products, improve the quality and grade of agricultural products, and ensure the edible safety of agricultural products. It marks that plant protection will truly enter a new era of electrostatic spraying.


Technical Parameters

Gun body size


Pressure bearing of pipeline

4.5 MPa

Gun weight

280 g

Spray flow rate




Droplet diameter


Charging power supply

5V (Mobile phone charger)

Electrostatic adsorption effect

360 degree encircling adsorption

Full power working time


Spray amplitude


Electrostatic high voltage


Adaptive sprayer

Electric, manual and mobile sprayers


direct contact

Grounding mode

Human conduction

Product Structure


1 Built in high voltage electrostatic generator;2 Built in liquid direct contact charging electrode;3 Conductive earth electrode of human body;4 Built in lithium battery ;5 Built in power boost module;6  Control switch ;7 operation indicator;8 Liquid input ;9Liquid outlet;10 Charging socket


product details


Centralized packaging


Ordinary manual sprayer upgraded to electrostatic sprayer

After-sales service

The electrostatic spray pistol is equipped with tens of thousands of volts of electrostatic high-voltage devices. Therefore, unauthorized disassembly of the machine is prohibited to avoid electric shock and damage to the internal structure of the machine. If maintenance is required, please refer to professional and technical personnel for handling.

The main components of this product are guaranteed for one year. The main components include: high-voltage electrostatic generator, lithium battery, power boost module, switch control circuit. (Damage caused by improper use and maintenance is not included in the warranty scope)

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