800ML Nano Blue Disinfection Spray Gun

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The main function of the nano blue light atomization gun is to keep the machine itself from becoming a source of pollution. Blue light is actually ultraviolet light, which is mainly caused by the function of radiating damage to microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, spores and other pathogens) and destroying nucleic acids. To achieve the purpose of disinfection.

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The nano material in the nano blue atomization gun has a strong antibacterial and bactericidal effect. Its antibacterial mechanism is to deactivate the protease in the bacteria and cause the bacteria to die. Blue light mainly kills microorganisms by damaging microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, spores and other pathogens) by radiation and destroying nucleic acids, thereby achieving the purpose of disinfection. The effect of ultraviolet rays on nucleic acids can lead to the breakage of bonds and chains, cross-linking between strands, and the formation of photochemical products, etc., thereby changing the biological activity of DNA and making microorganisms unable to replicate themselves. This ultraviolet damage is also fatal.

Product Structure


2 lithium battery; 4 Water inlet pipe;5 Water pump;6 switch ;7 Sprinkler;8 water outlet hose;9 fine mist nozzle;10 Water tank cover 11 Gun body;12 Charging socket ;13 Liquid reservoir; 14 indicator light ;15 Water pump speed control switch; 16 Blue beads

Technical Parameters

Package dimensions


Charging time

About 2 hours

Net weight

(Including battery)


Spray distance


Medicine box capacity


Continuous working time


Operating Voltage


Median droplet diameter

10-30 um

Diaphragm pump working pressure

10 Bar

Spray flow


battery capacity


Charger input/output/current

AC 100-240 VDC 12 V

DC 1000mA

product details


Sufficient energy (12V2600ma)


Wide range of applications


Double packaging

After-sales service

Except for wearing parts, the whole host machine is guaranteed for one year, and the main components are guaranteed for one year, including: lithium batteries, chargers, water pumps. Vulnerable parts (medicine bottles, nozzles, etc.) are guaranteed for one month

The use time of lithium batteries is shortened or damaged due to over-discharge and failure to charge and maintain in time after use; chargers are damaged due to improper storage and use and external forces; water pumps are damaged due to external forces, corrosive liquid immersion, chemical impurities, etc. No warranty for the above reasons

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