5L Ultra Low Capacity Electric Disinfectant Sprayer

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Ultra-low-volume spray is currently recognized as an advanced spraying method in the world. The choice of sprayer depends on the use environment. Ultra-low-volume spray is generally suitable for indoor disinfection in farms and other places. Choosing ultra-low volume sprayers generally choose products with small droplet diameter, strong penetration, large spray range, fast diffusion and slow landing. Moreover, different use conditions and use environments have different requirements for the liquid medicine contained in the sprayer. It is recommended to choose an ultra-low-volume sprayer with edible special medicines and medicaments, which can save costs and increase service life.

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The U2 ultra-low volume sprayer uses a high-power, high-speed series motor to generate high-speed rotary cutting airflow. The sealed environment of the motor cover makes a large amount of airflow converge in the bellows. Part of the airflow enters the liquid medicine tank through the air duct, and pressure is formed in the liquid medicine tank to cause the liquid medicine to flow out to the nozzle through the water outlet pipe; the other part of the airflow pushes the wind pressure self-locking nozzle and merges with the liquid medicine.Under the action of the uniquely designed air guide impeller, nozzle and other components in the nozzle, the rotary cutting air stream tears the water flow into very small mist particles and sprays them out to achieve the purpose of atomized spray.

Technical Parameters


U2 Cold Fogger


53*30*18 CM


2.8 KG

Tank Capacity

5 L

Input Power

110 V-220V


1200 W

Spray Distance


Droplet Size

5-20 Microns

Flow Rate(Ajustable)




Product use process


product details


A corner of the production line


Epidemic prevention and control is widely used


Sufficient production capacity and inventory

After-sales service

One-year warranty for main components

The following conditions are not covered by our company's warranty period:

1) The equipment is blocked or damaged due to the use of high-strength corrosive liquids.

2) Failure or damage caused by unauthorized product structure modification and replacement of product components.

3) Do not follow the instructions for use and maintenance.

4) Lost, damaged or overloaded by man.

5) Damage caused by irresistible natural external forces. Such as: earthquake, flood, fire, etc.


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