5L Handheld electrostatic sprayer

Short Description:

The E4 portable cordless electric electrostatic sprayer is an electrostatic sprayer that exclusively adopts the latest internationally invented ionized air grounding technology. It can not only ensure that the sprayed mist drops have a good enveloping adsorption effect on the target, and improve the liquid Utilization rate and anti-epidemic effect, and because it does not need to be grounded by the human body with high-voltage static electricity, the safety of its use has been greatly improved. Even if the operator wears thick protective gloves, it will not affect the good realization of the surrounding adsorption effect.

Product Detail

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Electrostatic sprayer refers to the sprayer that can make the sprayed droplets produce a significant enveloping and adsorption effect on the target. This product is simple in design, easy to use, simple to maintain, normal maintenance and use, and it can play its role without failure in several years. positive effects. It uses lithium batteries as power, and spraying and disinfecting operations can be carried out conveniently and flexibly without the need for power cords.

Technical Parameters

Package Dimensions


Charging Time


Net Weight


Spray Distance



2.5/5 L

Full Power WorkingTime


Operating Voltage


Diameter Of Fog Particles

50 um





Battery Capacity


Electrostatic Voltage


Charger Input /Output Current

AC 110-240 V

DC 12 V 1000mA

Electrostatic adsorption effect

360 Degrees

Product Structure


1 Ionizing emitter electrode;2 lithium battery;3 HighRemarks voltage electrostatic generator;4 Inlet pipe;5 Water pump;6 switch;7 Sprinkler;8 water outlet hose;9 fine mist nozzle;10 Water tank cover 11 Gun body;12 Charging socket;13 tank

product details


Copper fine nozzle


Product internal structure


Sufficient inventory and production capacity


Power plugs suitable for all countries

After-sales service

1. Except for wearing parts, the whole machine is guaranteed for one year, and the main components are guaranteed for one year. The main components include: batteries, chargers, high-voltage generators, and water pumps. The wearing parts are guaranteed for one month.

2. The battery is not responsible for the warranty if the service time is shortened or damaged due to over-discharge or not being charged and maintained in time after use; the charger is not responsible for the damage caused by improper storage and use and external force; the water pump is due to external force, corrosive liquid Damage caused by soaking and impurities in the liquid medicine is not responsible for the warranty.

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