1L high-end ULV disinfection sprayer

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U5 high-end battery ultra-low-capacity sprayer uses high-power, high-speed brushless DC motor, which rotates to drive the blades to generate high-speed rotary cutting airflow, and at the same time pressurize the liquid tank to send water to a well-designed nozzle at a certain flow rate (adjustable) At the junction of the high-speed airflow, the liquid medicine is broken into very small mist particles under the combined action of the high-speed rotary cutting airflow and the special structure of the nozzle.

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Product performance characteristics:

1. The labor intensity is small, the application efficiency is high, and the medicine is saved.

2. The size of the droplets is uniform and adjustable, which can complete the insecticidal, sterilization and disinfection work in sanitation, transportation and public places.

3. No need to pull the power cord, easy to operate.

5Using over-current self-protection device, the equipment is safer.

7. The capacity and power of the medicine box can be visualized, and the status of the equipment can be grasped at any time.

8. The noise is small, which reduces the noise impact of the application environment and improves the comfort of the user.

Technical Parameters

 Technical Parameters Specification model U5 ultra-low volume sprayer
Rated voltage DC24
rated power 200W
Spray volume 0-140ml/min
Diameter of fog particles 40um
Quiet wind lift 6-8m
battery capacity 8AH
Full power working time 55-65min
net weight 3.8kg
Gross weight 8.8kg
Size 620*320*350mm

Product Structure


1. Nozzle housing; 2. Housing;3 head regulator;4 flow adjustment switch;5 medicine tank cover;6 battery indicator; 7 battery; 8 nozzle housing;9 nozzle;10 charging port; 11 medicine box ;12 battery Cover 13 main switch; 14 charger;15 strap

product details


ABS plastic accessories


Epidemic prevention and disinfection operations



1. Before using the product, please confirm whether the battery power exceeds 30%.

2. If water is found in the equipment, it can be turned on only after it is completely dry.

3. The ambient temperature of this product is controlled between 0~40℃, no heavy objects should be used to prevent it from falling. The special battery equipped with this product must be used. Other types of batteries are strictly prohibited to avoid damage to the product.

4. If the equipment is not used for a long time, please charge or discharge the battery, and the battery power should be controlled between 35% and 45%.

5. It is forbidden to use strong corrosive chemical liquids. Water-soluble chemical liquids must be completely dissolved. The chemical liquids added to the medicine box must be free of impurities to prevent the pipeline from being blocked.

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