16L backpack electrostatic sprayer

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The electrostatic sprayer is capable of causing the sprayed mist droplets to produce a significant electrostatic encircling adsorption effect on the target object.

Fruit sprayer. E2 Air-driven multifunctional electric electrostatic sprayer is a knapsack liquid with static

Electric electric sprayer. The sprayer integrates many advantages such as electric spray, low-volume spray, air-driven spray and electrostatic spray. It has the advantages of saving pesticides, saving water, reducing pollution, excellent effects, lightweight body, extended range, improved efficiency, reduced body consumption, etc. With a series of advantages, it is an ideal high-efficiency protection and disinfection device in the field of sanitation, epidemic prevention, disinfection and insecticide.


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The E2 sprayer uses 12V lead-acid batteries or lithium batteries as a power source. A high-voltage electrostatic generator causes the liquid to be charged with an electrostatic charge of one polarity. At the same time, the target is charged with an electrostatic charge of another polarity through technical means. The liquid medicine with a polar electrostatic charge is pressurized by the diaphragm pump and directly squeezed out from the small nozzle hole, or the mist droplets are sent to the distance through the air gun. Under the combined action of external force and electrostatic force, the sprayed fine mist droplets with a polar electrostatic charge directly rush to the front and back sides of the crop (target) with another polar electrostatic charge to be firmly adsorbed, thereby To achieve the purpose of efficient disinfection, insecticide and sterilization.

Technical Parameters



Working speed

3000-15000m2 /hour

Net weight kg (With battery) 

5.6  (Lead-acid batteries)

Spray range

2.5mBoom swing)/6m(Air gun swing)
4.1  (Lithium battery)

Liquid capacity


Working time after a full charge

(Boom) 6 hours; (Blow gun) 1.5hours

Operating voltage


Fog droplet median diameter

40-90 um

Working pressure

0.15-0.4 MPa

Spray flow


Battery capacity

12V 8-18aH

Static generator output voltage


Charger input /

Output voltage

AC110- 240V / DC12-14.8 V

Air gun net weight


Product Structure


product details


Handle switch connection and operation instructions

1. Connect and tighten one end of the handle switch to the sprayer outlet pipe

2. Tighten the connection between the spray rod and the handle

3. Turn on the switch of the sprayer

4. When spraying, hold the handle and press the flow switch

5. Turn off the power after the operation


1. The atomized droplets pass through the electrodes inside the wind tube, and electrons with negative or positive ions are attached to the droplets.

2. The charged mist particles will be attracted by the opposite charges on the surface of the object.

3. The droplet moves in the opposite direction and adheres to the surface of the object at 360 degrees, thereby achieving a complete killing.


Carefully packaged


High praise from U.S. customers

After-sales service

1. Except for wearing parts, the whole machine is guaranteed for one year, and the main components are guaranteed for one year. The main components include: batteries, chargers, high-voltage generators, and water pumps. The wearing parts are guaranteed for one month. Vulnerable parts include: windshield, sealing ring, spray rod, nozzle, etc.

2. The battery will not enjoy the free warranty if the service time is shortened or damaged due to over-discharge or not being charged and maintained in time after use; the charger will not enjoy the free warranty if the charger is damaged due to improper storage and use and external force; Damage caused by corrosive liquid soaking and chemical liquid impurities does not enjoy free warranty.

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